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We can help with:

Data Profiling
& Auditing

You need to understand the state of your data before you can use it and trust it


We analyse and test your using modern tools and frameworks

  • Data Profiling and Analysis of new datasets

  • Data Testing and Auditing

  • Data Governance Workflows

Data Cleansing 
& Preparation

Data scientists and analysts spend up to 80% of their time just getting data into a form that they can reliably use.

We prepare your data 

  • Web scraping

  • Data extraction

  • Data format conversion

  • Data testing and issue detection

  • Data standardisation

Data Engineering


The modern data management field is continuously evolving. From data lakes to GPDR, test data generation to machine learning. We offer our experience and services to keep your business informed and ready to make the right decisions at the right time. 

Data Engineering is the foundation on which successful Data Analytics, Data Science, and Machine Learning projects are based.  

We design solutions 

  • Architect distributed systems

  • Create reliable pipelines

  • Combine data sources

  • Architect data stores

  • Build solutions to promote collaboration with your Data Science Collaborate or analytics teams

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